How Sine’s Flooring Helped A Client Block Excess Outdoor Lighting

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There are times when people complete all of their interior decorating work but realize a problem exists only when an unforeseen situation arises. At such times, tackling an issue on your own can sometimes incur additional charges, especially you are unaware of how to carry out a specific task.

At Sine’s Flooring, we believe that the only way to overcome a challenging situation concerning your window treatments is by enlisting the services of a professional. As window covering experts, we know how to find a solution that will not only flow well with your house décor but also fit your budget and style preferences.

Keep reading to learn how we helped a client find the right window shade to manage excess outdoor lighting.

The Challenge: Installing a window shade to match the client’s original window coverings while blocking outdoor lighting.

We once had a client who moved into a recently built condo after installing semi-opaque decorative draperies. Within a short time of her moving in, the contractor fit in street lights outside her place. The excess lighting shed by these lights seeped through her drapery and windows and ended up disturbing her sleep.

The Solution: Installing opaque roller shades.

After carefully inspecting the installed draperies and the window, we found deep sills on the windows. This allowed us to install opaque roller shades which seamlessly fit behind the original window coverings.

As the excess light problem occurred only in the night time, the blinds were drawn up during the day, and in that time, it was practically out of sight. However, in the night, it was pulled down to block the light and ensure an undisturbed sleep. This was a relatively inexpensive solution to a very troublesome problem.

The Bottom Line

If you are faced with a window covering problem and unsure about what to do, Sine’s Flooring can assist you and help you find a window blind or shade to suit your unique window covering needs. We also offer quality flooring services across Bowmanville, Oshawa, Peterborough, Quinte West, Belleville, Trenton, Campbellford, Roseneath, Cobourg, Baltimore, Grafton, Colborne, Brighton, and the surrounding areas.

Established in 1972, you can trust us to customize your floor and window covering needs to your complete satisfaction.

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