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Besides wear and tear, there are numerous other reasons why you may decide to change your flooring. Quite often, you may upgrade your floors to catch up with the latest trends, to ready your home for a special event like a family reunion, or the sale of your house. However, before putting money into the renovation, you may have tons of questions about retail flooring and installations but often find answers difficult to come by.

Sine’s Flooring wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you find the ideal flooring for your preferences, family, and location. To do precisely this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about flooring and more.

1. How do I wash my new floor?

Flooring dealers have a variety of products to clean every kind of flooring they sell. Be sure to ask your supplier what cleaning products will work best for your flooring to make sure you get the right one.

2. What is the difference between a ceramic and porcelain tile?

Ceramic is a clay-based tile with a durable glaze. Porcelain is a solid color through body tile that is dense and impervious.

3. Can ceramic tile be used outside?

Ceramic tile cannot be used outside, however, porcelain can. It must be frost proof and unglazed. Check with your dealer if they have these kinds in stock.

4. Should ceramic, porcelain or natural stone be sealed?

Ceramic doesn’t need sealing, and the majority of porcelain doesn’t require sealing either. On the other hand, the natural stone should always be sealed.

5. Is my flooring waterproof?

Carpet, sheet vinyl, engineered and solid wood are not waterproof. The flooring market has, however, introduced luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tiles which are completely waterproof. Be sure to ask your flooring dealer for these if waterproof flooring is important to you.

6. Do window coverings actually provide energy efficiency?

The Hunter Douglas line of window coverings provides varying degrees of energy efficiency. The most efficient blinds are the Duette Honeycomb shades which reduce heat loss through windows in the winter by up to 40%. They also reduce up to 80% of the unwanted heat coming in through windows during the summer.

If you have any more questions about flooring and window coverings, get in touch with the experts at Sine’s Flooring. We are the best at supplying and installing flooring, carpets, and window coverings in Cobourg and Brighton, ON. We focus on product and service quality to ensure our customers receive 100% satisfaction. Besides that, you can expect worry-free services with a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship we provide.

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