Most Common Flooring Mistakes People Make

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Getting your flooring changed is one of the easiest and most popular home improvement tasks hundreds of individuals take up. However, just because it’s easy and popular doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong.

Getting a new flooring or maintaining an existing one may look like a no-brainer, but without professional help, you could end up making an expensive error that leaves you frustrated and upset. At Sine’s Flooring, we want to help you not just get the best flooring, but avoid facing the various pitfalls that exist.

To help you do so, we have put together a list of five of the most common flooring mistakes people make.

1. Selecting the wrong color. Customers have a hard time remembering color and often pick the wrong color. It is always suggested that the customer take a sample home to compare to other colors in the room and to see it in their own lighting before making a choice.

2. Using a DIY method. Customers frequently ask if this is something they can do themselves. Most sales staff aren’t installers and may not know how to guide you. If you choose to do it yourself and mistakes are made, chances are when an installer is sent to fix and finish installing, the cost will be higher than just a regular installation.

3. Wrong selection of flooring. Explain to the sales staff where the flooring is going. Do you have kids, pets, water spillage or a swimming pool? Answers to these questions will help sales staff recommend flooring that is best suited for that area.

4. Using the wrong materials for maintenance. Vinegar is definitely not the answer to cleaning any flooring. This is an acid and will slowly, over time, remove the finish of your flooring. Feel free to ask our sales staff what is recommended for your choice of flooring.

5. Getting the wrong sized flooring. While most people can read a tape measure, having a professional measure the area has its advantages because they will look at things like subfloor and transitions. Depending on the flooring they will be able to determine what the proper application will be and the suitable waste amount.

As flooring experts in Cobourg and Brighton, ON, at Sine’s Flooring, we can help you avoid these mistakes and get the best flooring for your home or office. From hardwood to laminate flooring, vinyl, ceramic, natural stone, carpet and window coverings, we a large selection of flooring products that will help you create the traditional, contemporary or modern space you’ve have always wanted.

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